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About Diversity 2001

National Conference on Reconciliation,
and Human Rights
Difficult Dialogues, Sensible Solutions

University of Technology, Sydney
University Hall
Harris Street, Sydney
Friday 1 - Saturday 2 December 2000


4.05 Friday 1 December 2000


Talkin' Up to the White Woman

by Dr Aileen Moreton-Robinson


This is an optimistic work, and one with political intent. The intent is to begin the hard conversation with white feminists about whiteness and what it does to women and to a feminist agenda.
from the Preface by Prof. Karen Brodkin

Dr Aileen Moreton-Robinson "talks up" in this provocative interrogation of feminism in representation and practice. As a Geonpul woman and an academic, she provides a unique cultural standpoint and a compelling analysis of the whiteness of Australian feminism and its effect on Indigenous women.

Through an extensive range of articles by non-white scholars and activists, she demonstrates the ways whiteness dominates from a position of power and privilege as an invisible and unchallenged practice. She illustrates the ways in which Indigenous women have been represented through the publications and teachings of white Australian women. Such renderings of Indigenous lives are in contrast to the many examples provided of life writings by Indigenous women themselves.

Persuasive and engaging, Talkin' Up to the White Woman is a timely argument for the inclusion of Indigenous perspectives in developing the teachings and practices that impact on Australia's pluralistic society.

Cover by Peter Evans, concept by Tracey Bunda.




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