National Conference on Reconciliation, Multiculturalism,Immigration and Human Rights

Dr Frances Parker
Senior Lecturer, University of Western Sydney

Multiculturalism, Justice and Pesticides

This paper examines the complex interplay between environmental, social and economic justice, multiculturalism, cultural diversity and access to information on the safe us of pesticides. The horticultural industry in Australia is dominated by people from culturally diverse backgrounds, most with poor English literacy, with market gardeners from culturally diverse backgrounds producing 90% if Sydney's perishable vegetables in the Sydney Basin. Most growers cannot read English and yet all information, including pesticide information is only available in English. The pesticide label is the legal document, which according to legislative requirements users must be able to read, or have to them, and yet it is in highly technical English. This paper will present the effect of in this in terms of justice for people from culturally diverse backgrounds, and the ineffective response of government and the chemical industry to this issue.

Frances Parker is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Western Sydney. Her research with market gardeners and cut flowers in the Sydney Basin was the direct trigger for the establishment of the cross sectoral Premier's Task Force to examine and make recommendations on a wide range of issues facing this sector, including urbanisation and pesticide use.

Presentation Type
30 min paper

University of Technology, Sydney, 1-2 December 2000

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