National Conference on Reconciliation, Multiculturalism,Immigration and Human Rights

Ms Susan Shore
Defenders of Native Title (Jaga Jaga Branch Convenor) and Australians for Reconciliation

Why Howard can't say Sorry: or out of the White Anglo Colonial Compound to a just and inclusive society. Racism and Cultural Revolution

Hansonism, Howardism, Ruddockism, as race and culture attitudes belonging to certain stages of the evolution from monoculture to cultural pluralism.
1. The status of the current debate about the nature of racism and discrimination.
2. The nature of cultural evolution: Race and culture attitudes as arising from stages in cultural evolution
3. Chracteristics of the stages
4. Treatment of Aliens Slaves, Primitives. Peasants, Women during earlier stages
5. So where are we now? Attitudes towards Aboriginals, Asians and women in contemporary Australia
6. Getting to fully fledged Pluralism, Reconciliation and Inclusiveness. What are the steps to achieve this?
7. Implications of the theory for International relations and conflict, for education for action to achieve reconciliation and rights for indigenous Australians and all other non-Anglo cultural groups.

Susan Shore is an educator, welfare worker, writer and psychologist who has taught in the TAFE and secondary sectors and worked with the Italian, Greek and Turkish communities. She is currently working for Aboriginal rights and reconciliation with the Defenders of Native Title (Jaga Jaga Branch Convenor) and Australians for Reconciliation.

Presentation Type
30 min Paper

University of Technology, Sydney, 1-2 December 2000

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