National Conference on Reconciliation, Multiculturalism,Immigration and Human Rights

Dr James Jupp
Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Australian National University

Dr James Jupp is currently Director of the Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies in the Research School of SciencesSciences at the Australian National University. He was General Editor of the Bicentennial Encyclopedia of the Australian People from 1984 until its publication as The Australian People in September, 1988 and is currently working on a second edition for the Centenary of Federation .

Dr Jupp was born in Croydon, England in 1932 and is an Australian citizen and resident of Canberra. He was educated at the London School of Economics between 1951 and 1956. He has held teaching posts in Political Science at the University of Melbourne, the University of York (England), the University of Waterloo (Canada) and the University of Canberra. His Doctorate of Philosophy, on the political development of Sri Lanka, was granted by the University of London in 1975 and published as Sri Lanka:Third World Democracy in 1978. In 1989 he was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and was its Executive Director from 1992 until 1995.

Dr Jupp was a member of the Advisory Council on Multicultural Affairs. He was chairman of the Review of Migrant and Multicultural Programs and Services, which presented its report Don't Settle for Less, to the Minister for Immigration in August, 1986. He was formerly chairman of the ACT Multicultural Advisory Council and of the ACT Reference Group of the Bureau of Immigration, Multicultural and Population Research. He was a member of the Planning and Steering Colnmittees for the Global Cultural Diversity conference held in Sydney in April 1995.

Dr Jupp has published widely on immigration and multiculural affairs and has acted as a consultant for the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Department of Immigration and other public agencies. His publications include Arrivals and Departures (1966), Ethnic Politics in Australia(1984), The Challenge of Diversity (1989), lmmigration (1991), Nation.s of Immigrants (1992), The Politics of Australian Immigration (1993),Exile or Refuge? (1994) and Understanding Australian Multiculturali.snl (1996). The second edition of Immigration was published by Oxford University Press in 1998.


Information courtesy of Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs website

University of Technology, Sydney, 1-2 December 2000

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