Redefining the Mainstream: Local Government, Inclusive Communities

The Second National Conference on Reconciliation, Multiculturalism, Immigration and Human Rights


Senada Softic
General Manager, Victorian Interpreting & Translating Services, Lecturer, RMIT University, Dept Languages and International Studies

From Infancy to Adulthood - The Real issues in Language Services

The paper aims to address the real issues in language services; identify the key factors preventing the profession from moving forward and being recognised as a 'legitimate' profession and examine the inadequacies of government policy toward access and equity in respect of access to language services. In making the above observations, the paper will also put forward workable and reasonable recommendations structured to resolve current issues and finally allow the profession to move form its infancy stage to adulthood.

Senada Softic is currently the General Manager (Chief Executive Officer) of the Victorian Interpreting & Translating Service (VITS). She has spent over 15 years in the field of communications, greater part of which has been devoted to Language Services and Training.

Senada is a Victoria College with a BA Degree in Interpreting & Translating and is currently in her final stages of completing her Post Graduate Degree.

Senada has worked extensively in all related fields of Interpreting, from a practitioner for over 10 years to various senior level managerial positions within the Language Services industry. She is a qualified and experienced Trainer of Interpreters and a lecturer with RMIT in the same field, Chairperson of the NAATI examiner panel and a strong advocate for the ongoing development of the Interpreting and Translating Profession in Australia.

In her role as the General Manager of VITS, Senada is committed to ensuring that VITS continues to be the most comprehensive and diversified provider of Language Services in Australia.

VITS's success in this field is due to the positive approach the company has towards engaging only qualified and experienced Interpreters and Translators, their positive embracement of technological change and ongoing exploration of modern technology in the aid of creating both benefits and opportunities in improving, advancing and diversifying the language services industry.

Presentation Type
30 min. Paper


Deakin Woolstores Campus, Geelong Waterfront
30 November - 1 December 2001