The Diversity Conference

Redefining the Mainstream: Local Government, Inclusive Communities

The Second National Conference on Reconciliation, Multiculturalism, Immigration and Human Rights

Deakin Woolstores Campus, Geelong Waterfront,
30 November - 1 December 2001

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PROGRAM - Updated Tuesday 27 November 2001, 4.00pm


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Introduction:  Anna Hall, Convenor, Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network
Indigenous Welcome:  Welcome by Traditional Owners
Welcome from
Wendy Brabham, Director Institute of Koorie Education, Deakin University
Conference Opening:  Dr Srechko Kontelj, OAM, Mayor of Geelong
Hon. Theo Theophanous, Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Victoria
George Lekakis, Chairperson, Victorian Multicultral Commission
Prof. John Jackson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, RMIT University
Opening Session
Speakers:  The Hon. Gary Hardgrave, Federal Minister for Citizenship & Multicultural Affairs - representing the Prime Minister
- Federal Shadow Minister for Immigration & Multicultural Affairs
Chair:  Prof. Mary Kalantzis, Dean, Faculty of Education, Language and Community Services, RMIT University

Book Launch:  

Diversity Conference 2000 volumes, Reconciliation, Multiculturalism, Identities' and 'Everyday Diversity
10.45-11.00 MORNING TEA
11.00-12.00 PLENARY SESSION - P2 - FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER (60min.)
Panel:  Cr Thang Ngo, Fairfield City Council, Sydney
Phil Shanahan, CEO, Darebin City Council
Hon. Glenyys Romanes, MLC, Victorian State Parliament
Warwick Heine, CEO, City of Greater Dandenong
Chair:  Ro Roberts, Co-ordinator, Services and Planning, Yarra City Council
12.00-1.00 PAPERS and WORKSHOPS - GROUP A - FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER (60min.)
  12.00-12.30 - A1 - Papers (30min.) 12.30-1.00 - A2 - Papers (30min.)
ROOM 1 Peter Horton and Geoff Meakin, LOTE Marketing P/L
Effective Multicultural Communication
Peter Lewis, Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation in Victoria
Decolonising the Colonisers: Treaty as a Pathway to Wholeness for the Non-indigenous
ROOM 2 Senada Softic, General Manager, Victorian Interpreting & Translating Services
From Infancy to Adulthood: the Real Issues in Language Services
Judith Booth
Critiquing 'Cultural Fit' in the Australian Workplace: A Case Study of Recruiters and Indian Information Technologists
ROOM 3 Sue Willey, Manager, Community Programs
and Alison Wild, Community Development Officer, Hobart City Council
Networking for Harmony: A Model for Addressing Racism and Cultural Isolation at a Local Government Level
Cr Rae Perry, City of Yarra
East Timor Friendship City Relationships
ROOM 4 Jenny Howard, Senior Education Officer Access and Equity, TAFE NSW
Planning for Diversity
Dr Loong Wong
The Struggle for Space: Invisibility and the Chinese in Australia
ROOM 5 Uri Themal OAM, Executive Director, Multicultural Affairs Queensland
Multiculturalism in Local Government - Light a LAMP
Irene Verins
The Journey from Margin to Mainstream: The Potential of Mental Health Promotion Strategies to Integrate People who are Newly Arrived, into Australian Communities
ROOM 6 Dr. Michael Leahy, President, Geelong 'One Fire' Reconciliation Group, and Institute of Koorie Education, Deakin University, Geelong
'Practical Reconciliation' - Assimilation by Another Name: A Case for a Morally Defensible Alternative
Helen McKernan, Project Consultant, National Centre for Gender and Cultural Diversity, Swinburne University of Technology
Fantasies, Foibles and Fruitful Outcomes: Learnings from a Three Year Diversity Program in a Telco Organization
  12.00-1.00 - A3 - Workshops (60min.)
ROOM 7 John Bond, National Secretary for the National Sorry Day Committee
and Bryan Andy, Victorian Committee Member
The Stolen Generations
ROOM 8 Warren Prior, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Deakin University
and Suzanne Mellor, Research Fellow, Australian Council for Educational Research
The Role of Schools in the Enhancement of Social Tolerance and Cohesion
ROOM 9 Judith Miralles, Consultant and Dalal Smiley, Manager Multicultural Unit, City of Darebin
How Darebin Council used the Best Value Policy as the Framework for its Cultural Planning Tool
1.00-1.45 LUNCH
1.45-3.00 PLENARY SESSION - P3 - FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER (75min.)
Panel:  Dr Di Sisely, Chief Executive, Equal Opportunity Commission, Victoria
Dimity Fifer, Executive Director, VCOSS
Helen Shardey, Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Victoria
Mike Hill, Chair, Victorian Local Governance Association
Chair:  Clare Hargreaves, Senior Policy Adviser, Social Policy, Municipal Association of Victoria


Darebin City Council Multicultural Communication Service Video
3.00-4.00 PAPERS and WORKSHOPS - GROUP B - FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER (60min.)
  3.00-3.30 - B1 - Papers (30min.) 3.30-4.00 - B2 - Papers (30min.)
ROOM 1 Jenny Semple and Christine Green
South East Melbourne Migrant Resource Centre
Diverse Care in Aged Care
Pam Gatos, Jenny Semple and Rahimi Baryalai
Greater Dandenong's Response to the Arrival of Temporary Protection Visa Holder's from Detention into the South East of Victoria
ROOM 2 Barbara Matthews
The Best of Times, The Worst of Times, Our Times: Emerging Models of Justice in New Zealand
Dr Paul Kauffman
Practical Applications of Productive Diversity: Best Practice Case Studies of Multinational Companies and the Importance of Diversity to Business Success
ROOM 3 Dr Judy Skene, Department of Organisational and Labour Studies, University of Western Australia
Not Just Whitefellas' Business: Aboriginal Women Municipal Councillors in Western Australia
Farvardin Daliri, Manager, Townsville Migrant Resource Centre
Community Education About Race Relations Is a Good Investment
ROOM 4 Sharon Landers, Public Education Officer
and Georgia Prattis, Access and Equity Adviser, Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board, Victoria
Embracing Diversity - A Whole of Organisation Approach
Rev. Janet Turpie-Johnstone, Chairperson of the Interfaith Network of the City of Greater Dandenong
"Sacred Space" A partnership model between the City of Greater Dandenong, Interfaith Network and Dandenong Hospital
ROOM 5 Dr. Jeni Wilson and Bradley Shrimpton, Melbourne University
Managing Diversity: Reflections of Tourette Syndrome Sufferers
Lisa Mann and Kerry Kennell, City of Port Phillip
Indigenous Recruitment Strategy: Building Stronger Communities
ROOM 6 Wendy Morris, DEET
Racism: No Way
Steve Georgopoulos, Coordinator, Multicultural Education Unit, TAFE NSW - Hunter Institute
TAFE and Community ­ Working in Partnership to Help Build Community Harmony
  3.00-4.00 - B3 - Workshops (60min.)
ROOM 7 Steve Payne, Director, The Torch Arts Projects, Brotherhood of St Laurence
When the Torch Came to Town: A Community Mobilisation Workshop
ROOM 8 Bea Ballangarry and Margaret Bruggisser Atkin
Grounded in Community
ROOM 9 Lindy Drew, Community Relations Policy Officer, Local Government Association of Qld (LGAQ),
Leanne Tu'ipulotu, Cultural Relations Officer, Maroochy Shire Council
and Jeremy Liyanage, Multicultural Planner, Caboolture Shire Council
Facilitating Sustainable Change
4.15-5.45 PLENARY SESSION - P4 - FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER (90min.)
Panel:  Paris Aristotle, Foundation House for Survivors of Torture
Dr Sue Kenny, Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights, Deakin University
Dr Sharon Pickering, Associate Director Centre for Cultural Research into Risk, Charles Sturt University
Deborah Mortimer, Barrister in the Tampa Case
Senator Lyn Allison, Australian Democrats
Soo-Lin Quek, Policy and Project Co-ordinator, Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health
Chair:  Paul Jamieson, Manager Community Development, Geelong City Council

Geelong Scottish Dance Group with the Geelong Spanish Andalucia Dance Group
  Hosted by the Mayor of Geelong, Dr Srechko Kontelj, OAM, and raising of the Aboriginal Flag
The Carousel, Geelong Waterfront
  The Sheraton, Geelong Waterfront
Featuring a three piece Latino band
and The Ballad of Terra Nullius presented by Susan Shore

Updated Tuesday 27 November 2001, 4.00pm


9.15-10.45 PLENARY SESSION - P5 - SATURDAY 1 DECEMBER (90min.)
Opening Speech, Day 2:  Hon. John Pandazopoulos, Minister Assisting the Premier on Multicultural Affairs,
Victorian Government
Panel:  Dr Sev Ozdowski, Human Rights Commissioner, The Protection of Human Rights in Australia
Margherita Coppolino, Diversity Consultant
Licia Kokocinski, Action on Disabilities in Ethnic Communities
Helen Meekosha, Department of Social Work, University of New South Wales
Chair:  Dr Bill Cope, Centre for Workplace Communication and Culture
10.45-11.00 MORNING TEA
11.00-12.00 PLENARY SESSION - P6 - SATURDAY 1 DECEMBER (60min.)
Panel:  Dr Wei Leng Kwok, National Centre for Gender & Cultural Diversity, Swinburne University of Technology
Marcia Neave, Commissioner, Victorian Law Reform Commission
Monica Morgan, Yorta Yorta People
Chitrita Mukerjee, Cheryl McCoy and Doreen Peters, NSW Police
Chair:  Jackie Huggins, Reconciliation Australia


Launch of WRANA (Women's Rights Action Network) Women's Rights are Human Rights Package
  12.00-12.30 - C1 - PAPERS (30min.) 12.30-1.00 - C2 - PAPERS (30min.)
ROOM 1 Dr Christopher Sonn, School of Psychology, Edith Cowan University
Looking Deeper: Incorporating Knowledge about Oppression into Understandings of Migrant Adaptation
Mary Leahy and Santina Bertone, Workplace Studies Centre, Victoria University
"Now My Life Can Really Begin" The Impact of the Two Year Waiting Period on Recently Arrived Migrants
ROOM 2 Julian Silverman, Coordinator, Diploma of Community Services, RMIT, and Sanjay Mitra
Local Government Projects and Mass Relocation: Struggling against Inappropriate Development in India
Dr Sue Lewis, Director, National Centre for Gender and Cultural Diversity, Swinburne University of Technolog
Engineering a Better Workplace: A Diversity Challenge for the Engineering Profession
ROOM 3 Prof Andrew Jakubowicz, University of Technology Sydney
Abandoning Ethnicity in the Name of Citizenship: The State and the End of Egalitarian Multiculturalism
Brad Astbury, Dr Julian Bondy and Alan Ogilvie, RMIT University
Blunting the Impact: Developing Ethnically Sensitive Responses to Reduce Weapon Carrying and Youth Violence
ROOM 4 Dr David Cooper, National Coordinator ANTaR
Trumping the Race Card - the Role of ANTaR and the People's Movement in Achieving Justice for Indigenous Australians
Jacquie Hudson, Manager Organisational Development, Kingston City Council,
and Jenny Ashby, Jenny Ashby & Associates
Listening & Responding - Community Impetus Drives Cultural Change in Kingston
ROOM 5 Widad Salim, South East Migrant Resource Centre,
Dealing with the Effects of Recent World Events on Muslim Women
Elizabeth Drozd, Australian-Polish Community Services Inc
Polish Elderly: Issues and Challenges for the Next 10 Years
ROOM 6 Louise Campbell, President, Yulawirri Nurai Indigenous Association Inc. and Tammy Carney
Yulawirri Nurai's Yula-Panaal Cultural and Spiritual Healing Sanctuary Program
  12.00-1.00 - C3 - Workshops (60min.)
ROOM 7 Esther Anatolitis, Site Developer, WogLife
Calling Each Other Wogs and Getting Away with it: WogLife's Growing Online Community
ROOM 8 Chitrita Mukerjee, Cheryl McCoy and Doreen Peters, NSW Police
Police-Community Consultation and Partnerships
ROOM 9 Dr Pat Smith, RMIT, Rosemary Callingham, University of Tasmania and Vicky Nicholson, Tasmanian Aboriginal Education Unit
Changing Places
1.00-1.45 LUNCH
1.15: Lunchtime Screening of 'Tale of Two Peoples' - a 26 minute documentary that examines the effects of dislocation from culture among Arabic and Aboriginal youth in Australia
Panel:  Stef Lagos, North East Melbourne Migrant Resource Centre
Paula Abood, Community Cultural Development Worker, Sydney
Joumanah Almatrah, Executive Director, Islamic Women's Welfare
Cr Vicki Yianoulatos, Councillor Responsible for Social Diversity, Moreland City Council
Dr Scott Poynting, University of Western Sydney
Chair:  Maria Dimopoulos, Myriad Consultants
  3.00-3.30 - D1 - Papers (30min.) 3.30-4.00 - D2 - Papers (30min.)
ROOM 1 Discussion of 'Tale of Two Peoples' video
with Laurence Aboukhater, Australian Arabic Council
Benjamin Chow, Council for Multicultural Australia
Building Partnerships with Community Organisations - From Beaches to Jamborees
ROOM 2 Magda de Ridder Ziade, Manager Multicultural Affairs, Greater Dandenong Community Health Services
Aspiring to Effective Communication in Health Services
Youngmi Choi
Social, Cultural and Communication Issues in the 'Aboriginal E-commerce' Project
ROOM 3 Cr Rasa Subramaniam OAM, JP, Councillor , City Of Melville, WA
Diversity Awarness - City of Melville - A city of All Seasons and All Shades.
Alexander Kouttab, Australian Arabic Council
Re-reading Multiculturalism: Towards a New Politics of the Margin
ROOM 4 Assoc. Prof. Scott Phillips, RMIT University
Building Bridges for Inclusiveness: The Charter of Public Service in a Culturally Diverse Society
Uri Themal OAM, Chairman Griffith University Multifaith Centre Taskforce
Religion in a Multicultural Society - Bells or Bombs
  3.00-4.00 - D3 - Workshops (60min.)
ROOM 5 Julian Silverman, Coordinator Diploma of Community Services, RMIT and Mark Danials, City of Yarra
Community Leadership Training Program Model in the City of Yarra
ROOM 6 Lidia Horvat, Training Consultant/Aged Team Coordinator, North-East Melbourne Migrant Resource Centre
and Mohammad Dahdoule, Settlement Support Worker/Immigartion Advisor
A Practical Application of Cultural Competence
ROOM 7 Dr Zane Ma Rhea, National Centre for Gender and Cultural Diversity, Swinburne University of Technology
The Diversity Game
ROOM 8 Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network Panel:
chaired by Anna Hall, Convenor, Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network
ROOM 9 Lynden Costin, General Manager, Courthouse Youth Arts Centre
Diversity in Regional Youth Arts
Panel:  Amrita Dasvarma, Foundation for Young Australians and the Human Rights Council in Australia
Lillian Holt, Director, Centre for Indigenous Education, University of Melbourne
Prof. Andrew Jakubowicz, University of Technology, Sydney
Chair:  Prof. Mary Kalantzis, Dean, Faculty of Education, Language and Community Services, RMIT University

Updated Tuesday 27 November 2001, 4.00pm

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